I was born and grew up in the Italian region of Basilicata (also known as Lucania), a quite unknown part of Italy that still retains untouched fairy-tale landscapes, traditions and simplicity. 

As I recall, each day I was concerned with or about animals and plants. 

Since adolescence, my interest in ethology and botany have prevailed over almost anything else in my life.

In my teens I began to develop a strong interest in the cultivation of plants, fascinated by my grandmother's ornamentals and by the techniques of cultivation in the fruit fields which surrounded me. 

After gaining a diploma at the Agricultural High School, I began working on my family farm, which is engaged in the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables (mainly apricots, peaches and citrus of very high quality for the fresh produce market). 

During the last fifteen years managing this business I have been able to enrich my professional knowledge through direct experience of working in the field and being involved in the different management and production areas of the company. 

I consider myself a farmer, plantsman, collector and admirer of creative aesthetics, although I actually would love to say I'm simply a dreamer. 

My ambition is to develop my passion for plants and to give expression to my creativity, putting into practice the wealth of experience I have acquired over the years, as well as the technical skills that I learned. 

My wish is to continue to develop my experience in this area and to have the opportunity to imagine, create and care for the beauty of plants, of which I have always wanted to surround myself in life.



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